I’ve worked with HGA on various projects over the years. They updated their identity system and redesigned the look and feel of their proposals. They asked me to create easy-to-use InDesign templates that would be used by 20-30 marketing professionals with varied InDesign skill levels in several different offices.

I created three separate templates for three different sizes of proposals. All templates share the same set of styles and swatches.

I created two custom scripts to make the templates easier to use. One script automates adding the inter-column rules they require between body text columns. The other script automates the creation of section dividers.

This was a complex project, made more difficult by the fact that expectations were high, as the previous template was cumbersome and difficult to understand and use.

The new templates were rolled out during a marketing retreat where I provided a half-day training session on how to use the templates effectively and other intermediate and advanced InDesign topics.

We’ve had an overwhelming positive response regarding the new template. Everyone is excited and happy to be using a template that was so thoughtfully created. Thank you for this very smart design.
— P.R.

A couple of spreads from the documentation I provide with the templates.
A couple of spreads from the documentation I provide with the templates.
The Swatches, Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, Object Styles, and CC Libraries used in the templates.