I wrote the 100 Things Every InDesign User Should Know book, published in January 2021 by CreativePro Network.

Tired of being inefficient in InDesign? Want to boost your productivity and results? Now you can learn the secrets of the InDesign power users!

From the author’s introduction: “We all have gaps in our InDesign knowledge. This book is all about filling in those gaps so you can be more comfortable, productive, and happy when you’re using InDesign… I’m not going to teach you how to draw a frame or choose a font. But I will teach you better, faster, easier ways to do those things, and a whole lot more!”

Topics include:

  • The most important keyboard shortcuts to memorize
  • Typography settings you have to change
  • Key tricks for tables, styles, and master pages
  • What to do when your printer insists on outlined fonts
  • Essential troubleshooting techniques

…and dozens more!