A client that does Bible translation had a challenge. In Bible layout, the “running head” at the top of the pages often doesn’t reference text that actually appears on the same page as the head. For example, the head might say “Genesis 1:23 – Genesis 3:4” but Genesis chapter 1 begins on an earlier page, while verse 23 is the first whole verse that appears on the current page. This, and other nuances and complexities presented by Bible layout in various languages prevented them from using InDesign’s paragraph style-based variables and running headers feature.

I wrote an InDesign script for them that automatically builds accurate, up-to-date headers for each page of an InDesign file based on their specifications. Each time the script is run, the previous headers are removed, and up-to-date headers are created, allowing them to run the script at any time to create headers that accurately reflect the current layout state.

…I sat back in awe…I wanted to thank you again for the work you put in and the forethought it took to process what would happen under all the different circumstances.
S. S.