New script to toggle layer visibility

Check out this handy new production script for InDesign

Someone in an online forum was bemoaning the fact there is no way in InDesign to toggle the visibility of a layer on and off with a keyboard shortcut. So I whipped up a simple little script that toggles the visibility of a user-specified layer on and off.

To specify the layer name that the script should work with, open the script with any text editor, and type the name of the layer exactly as it appears in the Layers panel in line 8. Then, save the file as a "text only" file with a ".jsx" filename extension. Now, every time you run the script, the specified layer's visibility will be toggled.

Of course, this is most useful if you then take it one step further and assign a keyboard shortcut to the script using Edit > Keyboard shortcuts.

Download the Toggle layer visibility script here.


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